S BAT 2 beta 1.8

Not a lot done this week cause of LDI. Hopefully after this week things will settle down at work so I can focus more on the S BAT 2. Managed to crank a bit to get some cool new stuff out though.

  • Emission Generator now has an attack animation. I think it’s pretty saweet. I’m going to save posting a screenshot for next #screenshotsaturday.
  • Emission generators will now attack three base towers instead of all of them taking one damage. This is per emission generator. So if you don’t destroy three generators before the wave timer is up, then seven of the towers will take one damage and one tower will take two damage (3 generators * 3 damage = 9 damage total, 7 towers * 1 damage + 1 tower * 2 damage = 9 damage total). The attack animation will indicate which base tower it is hitting. It will attack towers with the most health. Each emission generator can only hit a tower once. So if you have two towers left, the generator will only do one damage to each (it won’t do two damage to one tower and one damage to the other).
  • Switch the health bar to hopefully indicate health much more clearly. I want to add an animation for each icon for when you loose a point of health.
  • Now have sound effects! Added prototype menu clicks and polarity switch. The sound effects volume is operational in the options menu.
  • Fix a bug where the background music would stop playing if a track completed while the game was paused.