S BAT 2 GXO: The OS (Super Blue Alpha Turbo 2 Gaiden X Origins: The Omega Saga) is a stress inducing twin-stick arcade iOS game where players utilize two mobile towers that are constantly firing beautiful beams at each other. You will need speed, skill, smarts, and patience to learn the various strategies to protect all eight towers through the 10 relentless levels of various spawn patterns. This is not your casual iOS game. Due to lack of success, S BAT 2 has been discontinued on iOS app store. However, the code has been released on github at under the MIT license. I have removed all images and sound so the code is the only thing available as open source. If there is any interest in the project’s code, artwork, or music, feel free to contact me at

  • Multi-touch support, control all 10 towers at the same time or try it with a friend
  • 10 grueling stages with various spawn patterns making up each stage
  • GameCenter leaderboard support
  • Beautiful artwork by Cody Sandel that isn’t 8-bit-indie-fad or copy-Angry-Birds-and-we-will-be-rich style
  • Three amazing original tracks by Brian Langevin


Gameplay Videos

Gameplay Overview

Full Play-through with Commentary