S BAT 2 beta 1.9

And so it continues. Added two new features which I have very mixed feelings about. Please give me feedback on them. I’m mixed cause while I can see value in them, they are also VERY distracting for the core I had built everything around.

Also made first attempt at recording emulator. Came out decent so I’ll try to post in-dev videos every once in a while from now on. Better than screenshots ^__^.

I’m going to let these features sink in a little this week and focus on up-converting artwork for retina display this week. Majority of stuff is vector art, but I’m worried re-texturing is going to be a nightmare… That’s what I get for targeting my crappy 3GS, sigh… And I keep telling myself I’m going to get a 4S. I’m hoping up-converting artwork will force me too get it next weekend ^__^.

  • Mobile towers now act as repeaters for base towers. In other words, if a mobile tower is being touched by a beam, then it will add a new beam of that same color. If you get in the corners you can fire up to five beams at the same time. Langevin had this idea. While it’s kind of cool, it’s very very distracting. Makes the easy patterns cake. Makes the difficult patterns more difficult…
  • Added enemy drops. When you kill an enemy, there is a chance it will drop an item. To pick up an item, just touch it with a mobile tower. Items will expire if they are not picked up. They will start to blink when they are close to expiring. Currently there are only two basic item types, 1) health (blue circle), this will add one health to a tower with lowest amount of health, 2) points, these are basically free points, they range from 500-2500pts and are in increments of 500.
  • Added better score inflation. Enemies now count for more each kill. Left over time in a wave counts for more. Now has a wave multiplier, each wave you complete adds one to the multiplier. In other words, enemies in wave 1 are x1 points, wave 2 are x2 points, wave 3 are x3 points, etc… This applies to item pick ups as well (picking up 1000 point item drop in wave 3 will net you 3000 points).
  • Tweaked some touch logic which I think will be better.
  • Removed sound effects… They were first draft… <_<