S BAT 2 beta 1.7

Man on man, work work work. Between PRG and this I’m dying. Almost got everything I wanted in over the weekend. Spent a lot of time prototyping stuff that I thought would be brilliant and then throwing it out, cause it ended up being awful. There is a lot of stuff, but it’ll all be pretty minor from your stand point. And in other news, uploaded first binary for IGF submission! I had to screenshot to commemorate the occasion.

And here are beta v1.7 changes:

  • Darkened the white enemy health-bars to make them more visible.
  • Enemies will now shake more the more damage you are doing. In other words, the will shake harder if you are hitting with two beams as opposed to one.
  • Base towers now shake over an interval after being hit, before they’d just shake for one frame and wasn’t very noticeable.
  • Base towers now spit out a little steam when they git hit.
  • Redid artwork for path sprites. They are now thicker, more color agnostic, and have endings. The endings make them look much more polished.
  • Created death animation for barriers, it’s very subtle, but more natural then them just disappearing.
  • Barriers will now display as part of the spawn animation instead of popping in after the generator finishes it’s spawn animation.
  • Emissions are no longer destroyed by the wave timer, only generators are affected by the wave timer.
  • Now randomly selects a background music track to start with on start up. I realized I forgot to mention to IGF that there are three tracks, so now it randomly picks where to start in it’s cycle. The cycle is, “Bango’s Jig”, “Cowboy Coder”, “Welcome to Emission Control”.
  • Upgraded SDK to iOS5. I hate apple by the way, I do not understand the concept of sync for some reason, upgrading is always a nightmare.
  • Fix issue with z ordering on pathing sprites.
  • Fixed hit detection issue with barriers.