S BAT 2 beta 1.3

W00t, getting stuff done. I have to say, the music tracks are astounding! I think Langevin is still up in the air on if we will use the tracks as is or break them up and only use pieces of them. I could care less, cause either way, they will sound friggin’ fantastic!

Also started a twitter account if anyone is interested.

Started coding faster, so unfortunately, that means I’m getting a little more hacky. However, I’m pushing for actual deadlines now, which is good. Got HUD stuff done over this last week and will start working on the the difficulty curve and the wave patterns this week. Changes are below.

  • Added HUD to top of screen that will animate in/out when you start/end the survival mode (only mode there is, haha).
  • Score is now the proper font and animates in by typing. The typing is a little jittery so I need to see about polishing that later.
  • Wave progression timer is to the right of the score (very please with how it came out).
  • Added pause, just tap on the box at the top and it will pause the game. Music will continue to play. To resume, just tap the box again. Note that it does not retain it’s paused state when you close and re-open the app. Cocos2d is doing that, so I’ll need to make a work-around to save off the state and reset the it when you open the app.
  • Added latest tracks from Langevin even though he asked me not to. And you know what? He can deal with it! Cause the tracks are awesome and I want to hear them in the game!