S BAT 2 beta 1.2

Ok, so I think I’m through the brunt of the artwork. I still need to polish up some tidbits here and there, but I’m satisfied enough that I can finally move on. My goal is to get it into a demo-able state by the end of this month.

Unfortunately, today was sort of a wash because I spent about five hours trying to get the “emission generator pusher” to work. It was just not happening. I got him partially working, and it would’ve required a lot more coding to finish him. Plus, from a gameplay perspective it wasn’t making much sense. So I thought it was better to just scrap the feature. On a positive note, the barriers for the emission generators worked out much better than I thought.

Also very pleased with how the emission generators spawn (inspired by Game of Thrones intro). I overhauled the emission generator explosion so it is much more epic now. And reused sploding artwork for the spawn (yea reusable artwork!). Here is a screen shot of the emission generator sploding.

Also got latest versions of the music tracks in the game. First track is called “Cowboy Coder” and the second track is called “Welcome to Emission Control”. There is a third track in the works and I think there is still some polishing going on with the current tracks. Langevin is doing an awesome job with the music!

Next release will be HUD stuff (hopefully I can get it in by next weekend). Any feedback on artwork and current spawn patterns is appreciated. And 3G framerate is still atrocious.