Coptic Stitch Book Binding

Check it out! I totally just bound my first book using coptic stitch method. I followed SeaLemonDIY Coptic Stitch tutorials on youtube. I realized after I finished that I did the edge stitching wrong when looping to the next page. You are suppose to loop two signatures down on the edges (at least I think […]

Momentum Lost

Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve lost some momentum due to Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff coming up. Starting to get back into the swing of things. Have a plan to tackle tutorial which is next major thing on the list. In the meantime, I got some artwork done. Three of the ten characters are done. […]

Retina Background

Started up-converting artwork. I was right, redoing textures is a pain. I spent a good hour and half just trying to find the original brush I had used. Tweaked color on inlay so it blends a little better and doesn’t pop so much (less distracting hopefully). Let me know what you think on twitter. Do […]

S BAT 2 beta 1.2

Ok, so I think I’m through the brunt of the artwork. I still need to polish up some tidbits here and there, but I’m satisfied enough that I can finally move on. My goal is to get it into a demo-able state by the end of this month. Unfortunately, today was sort of a wash […]

S BAT 2 new artwork

Starting to lose momentum so thought I’d make a post. Just got the tower explosion effect done. I think it needs more polish. I spent way to much time for it, and it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. I think I tweak the artwork a little more it will be there. […]

S BAT 2 is not dead!

I have been hard at work on S BAT 2. I’ve been overhauling the artwork, so it is taking me some time. I hoping to have the next release ready by the end of July. Artwork is coming along really well, I’m really excited about it and have gotten good feed back from the few […]

The Saga of Duckbeard

Another project I started working on. I wanted to post the development cause I think it’s interesting to see how things evolve. The feet look horrible. I will probably cut them out in the final product. The inking for the wings looks really rough, but that’s were I last left off.

Page five

This one was more of a beat down. Had to do a lot of corrections on the farmer cause I suck at drawing. I wanted to put more objects in the background (bed, bookshelf, table, etc…), but I took too much time “inking” the farmer. I do like how the smoke and furnace came out. […]