Coptic Stitch Book Binding

Check it out! I totally just bound my first book using coptic stitch method. I followed SeaLemonDIY Coptic Stitch tutorials on youtube. I realized after I finished that I did the edge stitching wrong when looping to the next page. You are suppose to loop two signatures down on the edges (at least I think that’s the idea). Also pulled a little too hard on the stitching a couple of times and ripped some pages a little. All in all, feels pretty solid even with my mistakes. The cover I got from digging through books at Half-Price Books and then gutted it. Inspired by the Sketchbook Project, this will be a collaborative sketchbook. So my first contribution was inspired by Magic Game Time, although mine has nothing to do with games. Also I’m not an artist. Wishing I had Zac Gorman skillz. I keep saying inspired, but really, I just steal cool ideas from a bunch of random people and slop them together and pretend I’m a super hipster/creative…

Momentum Lost

Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve lost some momentum due to Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff coming up. Starting to get back into the swing of things. Have a plan to tackle tutorial which is next major thing on the list. In the meantime, I got some artwork done. Three of the ten characters are done. Here is a shot (from left to right) of Coco, Bango Blue, and Spin Lock. Click on image to see high rez.

Retina Background

Started up-converting artwork. I was right, redoing textures is a pain. I spent a good hour and half just trying to find the original brush I had used. Tweaked color on inlay so it blends a little better and doesn’t pop so much (less distracting hopefully). Let me know what you think on twitter. Do you like inlay with slight glow or with shadow? I think I lean towards shadow. I like the glow cause of that bloom effect, but at the same time, it just kind of makes it blurry. The shadowing is much sharper…

S BAT 2 beta 1.2

Ok, so I think I’m through the brunt of the artwork. I still need to polish up some tidbits here and there, but I’m satisfied enough that I can finally move on. My goal is to get it into a demo-able state by the end of this month.

Unfortunately, today was sort of a wash because I spent about five hours trying to get the “emission generator pusher” to work. It was just not happening. I got him partially working, and it would’ve required a lot more coding to finish him. Plus, from a gameplay perspective it wasn’t making much sense. So I thought it was better to just scrap the feature. On a positive note, the barriers for the emission generators worked out much better than I thought.

Also very pleased with how the emission generators spawn (inspired by Game of Thrones intro). I overhauled the emission generator explosion so it is much more epic now. And reused sploding artwork for the spawn (yea reusable artwork!). Here is a screen shot of the emission generator sploding.

Also got latest versions of the music tracks in the game. First track is called “Cowboy Coder” and the second track is called “Welcome to Emission Control”. There is a third track in the works and I think there is still some polishing going on with the current tracks. Langevin is doing an awesome job with the music!

Next release will be HUD stuff (hopefully I can get it in by next weekend). Any feedback on artwork and current spawn patterns is appreciated. And 3G framerate is still atrocious.

S BAT 2 new artwork

Starting to lose momentum so thought I’d make a post. Just got the tower explosion effect done. I think it needs more polish. I spent way to much time for it, and it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. I think I tweak the artwork a little more it will be there. For now, it’s good enough. I’ll move onto the emissions next. Once I get them semi complete, I’ll take a break. Sigh, artwork is hard…

S BAT 2 is not dead!

I have been hard at work on S BAT 2. I’ve been overhauling the artwork, so it is taking me some time. I hoping to have the next release ready by the end of July. Artwork is coming along really well, I’m really excited about it and have gotten good feed back from the few I’ve shown. Also, have been getting some cool music samples from Langevin and we started working on gathering sound effects.

In the mean time, is a early version of some of the artwork I am working on for the new look. And yes I know, I’m totally ripping off FLCL… I hope people see it more as I’m inspired by FLCL and I’m making it my own… but I guess people will see through that and just call me a hack ;_;.

The Saga of Duckbeard

Another project I started working on. I wanted to post the development cause I think it’s interesting to see how things evolve. The feet look horrible. I will probably cut them out in the final product. The inking for the wings looks really rough, but that’s were I last left off.

Page Six, and now I need a break…

Just got page six done. Starting to get burned out. Goal was to do a page a week. So far, that is five pages in five weeks, so not too bad. I think I’m going to take the next few weeks off to focus on some other projects. I might wait till March to try and get back to releasing one a week.

Page five

This one was more of a beat down. Had to do a lot of corrections on the farmer cause I suck at drawing. I wanted to put more objects in the background (bed, bookshelf, table, etc…), but I took too much time “inking” the farmer. I do like how the smoke and furnace came out. I think the shadowing sucks for the most part… It’s a learning experience…