S BAT 2 beta 1.4

Feel like I’m in the final lap to make this thing actually feel like a game rather than a tech demo. Did a lot of minor gameplay polish and started working on wave progression. Luckily the infrastructure I laid out to plug in wave’s at various difficulty levels worked out. While it’s easy to plug in new wave algorithms, it take time to test/balance gameplay. S BAT 2 now has twelve different spawn patterns. Goal is to add a new spawn pattern a day while I continue to work on other features. I think I will shoot for 50 wave patterns for release. I thought at first I’d do 100, but then realized it takes longer to gameplay test/balance a wave than I thought.

Next release is the menu system.

  • Now has twelve wave patterns that increase in difficulty as you play.
  • If you do not clear the wave before time is up, then all towers will take damage.
  • Now only takes three hits to take down a tower instead of five. Letting an emission hit a tower or failing to clear a wave does the same amount of damage. In other words, if you fail to clear three waves in a row or each tower gets hit three times by emissions, then you lose.
  • Phone now vibrates when a tower takes damage.
  • Added prototyped menu system that is going to get overhauled in the next release.
  • Made touch area for movable disc bigger, so should be easier to interact with them.
  • Pause now requires you to start and stop a touch on the pause button. Fixes issue where it was easy to unintentionally pause the game.
  • Removed z axis animation on HUD (it was ugly…).
  • Fixed typing animation so it no longer jitters (it was also ugly… only pretty people allowed in my game).
  • Fixed z order drawing issue when emissions where spawning at the same time on top of each other.
  • Polished up the background image.
  • Moved the emission generator health bars inside instead of having them wrap around the outside.

Man, I really didn’t feel like I got much done this week, and then I wrote out that list… So I guess I did. This game is taking me forevar!