Getting back to it

After a long hiatus which included beating Bastion, VVVVV, and Botanicula, I’m finally getting back into some S BAT 2 development. Got a little bit of feedback, but not much. Which is what I expected since I’m virtually unknown to anyone and it’s just a few friends that mention it every once in a while. Goal is to try to get iPad paid version out sometime in August. I will also make some sad attempt at marketing, and if I don’t see any interest after that, then I will probably drop the project. Anywho, here is what I got done today.

  • Move decryption and loading of background files to low priority background thread so it will no longer interrupt gameplay with the performance hit
  • Added pause terminal to top of the tutorial mode so you can back out and adjust options when in the tutorial
  • Fixed typos in tutorial terminal text