S BAT 2 GXO: The OS is now available!

And even better, it’s free! Download it here! Starting to get some feedback from people so starting a list of fixes and changes for the next update. I plan to take a break for the next couple of weeks and play through Bastion (I’m sooo far behind on gamming) and then I’ll start on small update for iPhone followed by working on hi res iPad version. And somewhere in there, I plan to start scripting the story mode. So after I take a short hiatus, here is the list of stuff I want to tackle. Thanks for playing and please feel free to give me feedback.

S BAT 2 GXO: The OS v2

  • Fix bug where game pauses when loading next background track, this hiccup sometimes causes the mobile towers to move outside of the play field
  • Add terminal to top of tutorial mode so user can exit tutorial mode at any point and adjust options without having to complete the tutorial
  • Track down bug when emulating on iPad where sometimes the emissions will reach their target, but disappear preventing the next wave from spawning
  • Fix typos in the tutorial menu text (I’m sure Marc is laughing it up on this one…)