S BAT 2 GXO: The OS beta 1.0

Got a lot of feedback from A-kon. Overhauled a bunch of stuff. Changes are below. I think it feels a little more focused now (or at least like it’s heading a certain direction in design). The feedback from A-kon helped me focus in and strip down a lot of stuff. I should start going out on the street and talking to strangers more often, cause it’s crazy helpful to get honest opinions about the game.

  • Changed app name to S BAT 2 GXO: The OS.
  • Added system for adding spawn patterns with ease (no longer randomly spawning enemies).
  • Added a progression system to move from easier to harder spawn patterns.
  • Added pattern timer to left of screen. Once the timer runs out, the pattern will clear and stage will go into a rest state. After the rest state, a new spawn pattern will spawn and the timer will reset.
  • Added bonus if the player clears all soldier factories before the pattern timer runs out.
  • Added score multipler for keeping laser towers alive. Each tower adds a x1 multiplier, so for example, if you have four towers left, then you have a x4 multiplier.
  • Hitting an enemy with multiple lasers will now do more damage.
  • Removed wally enemy type
  • Added Pusher Soldier Factory which will spawn a soldier and then use a wall to push him.
  • Added Barrier Soldier Factory which spawns barriers to protect itself from fire.
  • Reduced color’s to three instead of four. Removed yellow color.
  • Soldiers now phase more quickly and added fixes to make the phasing charge more accurate.
  • Soldiers can no longer phase through a Pusher’s wall.
  • Color selectors will now be deactivate when you drag the ship.
  • Increased hit boxes on color selectors and bomb buttons to make them more user friendly.