Prototype 03 alpha v1.0

Alpha v1.0 is here! And actually, this will probably be the last alpha build. Once I get one last major piece in, we will officially be in beta. Starting to brain storm names. Right now I’m thinking “S BAT 2 GXO: The OS”. Stands for Super Blue Alpha Turbo 2 Gaiden X Origins: The Omega Saga. Let me know what you think. I’ll probably be dropping the Prototype 03 naming convention on the next release. Also, I’m heading to A-Kon this weekend. I’m going to start showing off the S BAT 2 GXO: The OS and see if I can get some useful feedback. As always, changes are listed below.

  • New/updated artwork added from Stark Design.
  • Code cleanup and performance tweak for wall enemy.
  • Resolved issue where walls could spawn on top of each other and get hung up.
  • Nerfed spawn algorithm so enemies don’t spawn as quickly.
  • Bomb’s are now generated more quickly.
  • Laser towers will now be destroyed if two soldiers hit them (changed from ten).
  • Fixed issue where the beams would sometimes not load and appear as a solid white texture.
  • Fixed issue where selectors would stay on the screen after a game ended.
  • Fixed issue where bomb progress bars would not reset after a game ended.