Lanbox LCX Cue List Move Utility

So one of my lighting buddies works with the Lanbox LCX and asked me to do a little app to make his life easier for moving a range of cues and addresses around. I’m not familiar with Lanbox LCX so not sure how he interfaces with it. Basically he some how exports the data into a bunch of text files, and then would manually go through and update everything. So I created a little command line utility to make the process easier. It’s pretty simple little app, nothing special, but wanted to throw it on interwebs in case anyone else could make use of it. He was also a n00b when it came to using terminal on Mac, so I scratched up a quick walkthrough which is included as well. And cause I’m lazy, I used obj-c so it will only run on Mac. You can find link below. Enjoy!

Update 4/25/2014
Built a quick and dirty GUI front end for anyone that feels the command line is too much typing and not enough clicky ^_^.

Update 8/6/2014
Had a few more feature request and also discovered a bug or two. Here is updated version.

  • Can now add addresses to range of cues, set addresses you’d like to add using the source address and the value you’d like to set for them using the “Add Value” box and then hit “Add Addresses”,well overwrite with add value if address already exist in cue
  • Can now delete addresses, use source address to specify addresses to delete and hit “Delete Addresses
  • Will now re-order addresses, fixes issue where lanbox would complain about addresses not being in sequence
  • Fix bug where cue number in file was part of the replacement search and would be corrupted.
  • Added saweet Eden of East app icon, cause… well… you know… /shrug

Update 8/26/2014
Didn’t realize the cue list contained multiple steps which meant it was deleting all cue steps after the first step. Only example cues I had been sent where with one step in them. Latest release resolves that issue.