S BAT 2 is now Open Source!

It only took me forever to finally get this all posted. Since S BAT 2 had total of around 200 downloads over a year, I decided to cancel my developers license. I quickly realized I am too introverted to learn how to sell myself and my game to others. It’s either the introversion, or the lack of self confidence, or both, or that I’m not cut out for game dev, or that was my first game and you can’t expect your first to be great, or however else you want to frame it. So, for that year and a half of work doesn’t go to complete waste. I decided to release the code on github (https://github.com/PingPongRhino/sbat2) as open source under the MIT license in hopes it might help someone else. I mainly hope someone will improve upon how I did my beizer lasers. Heck, I’d be super excited if someone just steals the logic outright. As long as there are more awesome 2D bendy lasers in games, then I will feel I’ve had some small impact on the world. I do still have it running on my phone and I do hope to show it at the next Juegos Rancheros to get some word out about the code being available on github. I haven’t gotten in touch with anyone yet, so I will let you know.

And also, for those who thought you couldn’t beat the game. Chris and Brian helped me make a full playthrough video along with commentary track. Since it’s hard to record iOS high quality video, we cloned it on the apple tv and captured it, which meant the video FPS and resolution isn’t the best. It does run at a full 60fps on the 4S. Well, that was back on iOS 6, so maybe things have changed with iOS 7. Note, there is some explicit language in the commentary. You can find video here. I recommend downloading it as it’s kind of large and streaming doesn’t work so well. I will wait for site5 to get mad at me for uploading such a large video…

Big thanks to Chris Pellett, Brian Langevin, and Brian Stark for all the help on the game and a huge thanks for anyone who actually played the game! This pretty much brings S BAT 2 to a close finally!