Realizations as an iOS hobbyist

Read this article, Some Depressing Thoughts On The App Store, this morning and had some thoughts I needed to get out there. I’ve always thought of the app store being more of a marketing tool for Apple, but I think someone validating the claim really makes it hit home. I know I haven’t done my part to market my game and I created S BAT 2 to complete a life goal, not to supplement my income. I was not expecting to become a millionaire or even hundred-aire based on one silly idea for a game. It would be nice to get reimbursed the fees for the dev license, but even then, I considered it the cost of a hobby. Between seeing articles like this, XCode and LLDB making my job a complete nightmare this week, and the fact that when I let my dev license expire I’ll never be able to play my game again (well I could do some jailbreaking), I honestly don’t know why any hobbyist would want to develop on iOS. Outside of Objective-C, which is amazing, Apple development is pretty painful process in my book. If I do tackle another game project, it’ll be on Windows or Linux. At least there I won’t have to pay just to be able to develop and play my own game. Also the indie game community is way more supportive in the Windows and Linux world. End rant.