S BAT 2 beta 1.6

Sorry it’s a little behind. Nothing major in this release, more of a polish/bug fix release. This week I’ll be moving website over to different host and tweaking it a bit. Also worked on preview video this weekend, so expect that to be up once I get the website moved over. Beta v1.7 will be delayed till I get website maintenance out of the way.

  • Pause menu now works. You can restart a new game from the Pause menu (saves the trouble of having to reset the app, which was really annoying).
  • Menu system code cleanup.
  • Emissions now move a little slower.
  • Enemies and Towers now shake when damage is done to them, I will be tweaking this some more in future releases.
  • Barriers will now be the opposite color of the generators.
  • Barriers can now be destroyed by hitting them with the same color (they will shake if you are doing damage). You do not have to destroy the barriers, and you aren’t awarded extra points for destroying them, so it is better to shoot around them.
  • Emissions no longer need to be destroyed before the wave timer runs out, only generators need to be destroyed before the timer runs out.
  • Fix, emissions spawning on top of each other.
  • Fix, enemies would not always deactivate their collision body when resetting the game.
  • Fix, enemies would not rotate to the next tower when recalculating their path.
  • Fix, enemies will now stop when there are no more towers (you can still kill them while the final towers are exploding for extra points).
  • Fix, emissions getting stuck on each other because the groove constraint was too short and the emission could not back up.
  • Fix, wave timer damage would occur if an enemy was dead but still exploding.