Prototype 03 alpha v0.6

Saweet! First update with first revision of REAL artwork. I skipped posting alpha v0.5, so here are the updates for both. Please give me any feedback on game play mechanics you hate or like. I think most, if not all of these changes are for the better.

  • First revision of real artwork.
  • Circular health bars have been disabled. The will be added back, this is only temporary to test first revision of artwork.
  • New fancy selectors.
  • Can now change the color of ships individually.
  • Can now change the color of the laser towers by “bumping” them with a player ship.
  • Resized laser towers
  • Limited player movement so you can now longer go to the edge of the screen. This was done in preparation for adding some other features to the edge of the screen.
  • Enemies will no longer change color after they spawn
  • Soldiers factories and soldiers will now path to the nearest laser tower instead of picking a random one.
  • Soldiers groove constraints are now calculated differently. If both towers are active in a pair, then you can push a soldier back to the midpoint between those two towers. If only one tower is active in pair, then you can push a soldier all the way back to where the deactivated tower was. This helps eliminate a bug where soldiers would get stuck on each other when changing direction.
  • Soldiers now move 50% slower
  • Enemies will now spawn ever five seconds instead of every one second
  • Can now have a maximum of 25 soldiers, 4 soldier factories, and 2 wally’s on the screen.