Prototype 03 alpha v0.4.1

Man, even though this is a minor update, I completely overhauled a bunch of systems. I’m trying to get this to be playable on 3G. I’m now running at 55-60fps on my 3GS and every once in a while drops to 50fps (originally I was running at 30fps). If the 4G and iPad people really like the cubic bezier lasers for the laser towers, then I’m thinking I can just detect the device. So for the 3GS or lower gen, they will use linear and everything above can use cubic bezier. The 3G’s just don’t really have the horse power to run collision detection on 10 cubic bezier lines…

  • Now removes nodes from the scene instead of leaving them in the tree and just making them invisible.
  • Reworked cubic bezier drawing algorithm, much faster than it was before.
  • Switched the laser towers to use linear line to path the particles instead of the cubic bezier.