Prototype 03 alpha v0.4

I’m going on hiatus for a few weeks after this update. New computer parts get in tomorrow and Portal 2 is coming out this week… so yea, I’ll be doing that… Also, I know the provisioning profile is probably annoying you saying it is about to expire. Apparently I have to wait for it to expire before I can actually renew it. So expect a new profile on the 20th.

  • Upgraded to cocos2d v1.0.0 rc1. They say performance is a little better than v0.99.5 but I didn’t run any test.
  • Added circular health bars to laser towers, soldiers, soldier factories, and wally.
  • Added color selector to ships to choose which color to go to instead of cycling colors. Just tap on the ship to bring up the color selection.
  • Added scoring.
    • 10 points every second while towers are still alive
    • 100 points for each soldier kill
    • 200 points for each soldier factory kill
    • 300 points for each wally kill