Rolling Red Beard

S BAT 2 beta 1.4

Feel like I’m in the final lap to make this thing actually feel like a game rather than a tech demo. Did a lot of minor gameplay polish and started working on wave progression. Luckily the infrastructure I laid out to plug in wave’s at various difficulty levels worked out. While it’s easy to plug […]

S BAT 2 beta 1.3

W00t, getting stuff done. I have to say, the music tracks are astounding! I think Langevin is still up in the air on if we will use the tracks as is or break them up and only use pieces of them. I could care less, cause either way, they will sound friggin’ fantastic! Also started […]

S BAT 2 beta 1.2

Ok, so I think I’m through the brunt of the artwork. I still need to polish up some tidbits here and there, but I’m satisfied enough that I can finally move on. My goal is to get it into a demo-able state by the end of this month. Unfortunately, today was sort of a wash […]

S BAT 2 artwork 3

Slowly but surely getting stuff done. I’m gonna try to get back into doing weekly release cycle even if it is minor stuff. I’m slowly starting to pick pacing back up. Got emission factory artwork down and it’s spawn animation done. Noticed a few bugs with the pathing sprites. Goal is to wrap up emission […]

S BAT 2 artwork 2

Still working on overhauling artwork. I went on hiatus for a while and started playing Dragon Age Origins. Finished artwork for the emissions. Did a little 2.5d stuff where the spawn in at a low z depth and shift along the z axis into the play field. Noticed some bugs with pathing and will start […]

S BAT 2 artwork release

Well was hoping to be further along with the artwork, but taking a lot longer than I had hope. Art is hard… It is coming along nicely, just slowly. Also, getting some awesome music samples. This release has a final draft of “Welcome to Emission Control”. It’s pretty kick ass ^______^. Hopefully by sunday I […]

S BAT 2 new artwork

Starting to lose momentum so thought I’d make a post. Just got the tower explosion effect done. I think it needs more polish. I spent way to much time for it, and it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. I think I tweak the artwork a little more it will be there. […]

S BAT 2 is not dead!

I have been hard at work on S BAT 2. I’ve been overhauling the artwork, so it is taking me some time. I hoping to have the next release ready by the end of July. Artwork is coming along really well, I’m really excited about it and have gotten good feed back from the few […]

S BAT 2 GXO: The OS beta 1.0

Got a lot of feedback from A-kon. Overhauled a bunch of stuff. Changes are below. I think it feels a little more focused now (or at least like it’s heading a certain direction in design). The feedback from A-kon helped me focus in and strip down a lot of stuff. I should start going out […]

Prototype 03 alpha v1.0

Alpha v1.0 is here! And actually, this will probably be the last alpha build. Once I get one last major piece in, we will officially be in beta. Starting to brain storm names. Right now I’m thinking “S BAT 2 GXO: The OS”. Stands for Super Blue Alpha Turbo 2 Gaiden X Origins: The Omega […]