S BAT 2 beta 1.5

This was rough week. Got menu system in. I’m rather pleased with it. Looks better than I thought. Was not able to get the pause screen in. I got the pause screen layout done in code but I will have to restructure some stuff because of how scene management and pausing the scene works (I […]

S BAT 2 beta 1.4

Feel like I’m in the final lap to make this thing actually feel like a game rather than a tech demo. Did a lot of minor gameplay polish and started working on wave progression. Luckily the infrastructure I laid out to plug in wave’s at various difficulty levels worked out. While it’s easy to plug […]

S BAT 2 beta 1.3

W00t, getting stuff done. I have to say, the music tracks are astounding! I think Langevin is still up in the air on if we will use the tracks as is or break them up and only use pieces of them. I could care less, cause either way, they will sound friggin’ fantastic! Also started […]

S BAT 2 beta 1.2

Ok, so I think I’m through the brunt of the artwork. I still need to polish up some tidbits here and there, but I’m satisfied enough that I can finally move on. My goal is to get it into a demo-able state by the end of this month. Unfortunately, today was sort of a wash […]